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In any piece of code, there'll be a opening and clossing tag. The opening tag starts off the sequence with a left angle bracket, a personality signifying what the tag is meant to try and do, and a right angle bracket. A closing tag ends the sequence within the same manner—it appearance a bit like the opening tag, however it's a forward slash before the character. Here’s a visible breakdown for you:

Include the object or text you want to modify in between the tags mentioned before.Think of opening and closing tags like a container for content and place the text and images using appropriate tags. Use CSS (style sheet) to give better view for the design.

X HTML Tags You Should Know


  • Site structure (include opening tag and closing tag)

  • Organize with headings

  • Create links

  • Embed images

  • Link images

  • Align images and text

  • Formatting fonts

  • Bullets (unordered lists)

  •  Numbers (ordered lists)

  • Blockquote

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